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Track & Field Season 2013 

Go to the Elmer Runge 2013 page for race videos. 

CIF San Diego Finals

Girls 800m

Medals: 800m GIrls

Girls 1600m

Medals: 1600m Girls

Boys 800m

CIF San Diego Prelims

1600 m Girls

1600 m Girls

Boys 1600m

Eastern League Finals

Boys 800m (partial)

Girls: 800m

Boys: 100m Hurdles

Girls: 100m Hurdles

Boys: 1600m

Boys 4x100m

Eastern League Prelims

1600m Girls

1600m Girls

1600m Boys

1600m Boys

200m Boys

200m Boys

800m Boys

800m Boys

800m Girls

3200m Girls

3200m Boys


4x1600m Women

4x100m Men


Distance Medley

4x1600 m Relay Boys

ASICS/Mt Carmel Invite

Girls 800m Invite

Boys 800 m Varsity

Hayley Farr 11-8 2nd attempt

Hayley Farr 11-8 1st attempt

Hayley Farr 11-2 ‎(?)‎

Hayley Farr 10-8 ‎(?)‎

Hayley Farr 10-2

Hayley Fletcher 9-6

March 14, 2013: PH vs University City HS

Boys 800 m Varsity

March 9, 2013: Bronco Invitational

Frosh Boys

Frosh Girls